Child Posture Corrector

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- 100% brand new and high quality

- The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine

- Retractable elastic strap

- It makes you a elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing

- According to your own width of your shoulder, adjust in the back to the tightness most suitable to yourself


Package: 1Pcs Back Belt 

Size:Fit for waist 47-65cm


Using our Children's Back Support is the best thing you can do for your child, catch it now before it is too late!


Recommended Use: 

This brace is recommended to be used for 40 - 60 minutes twice a day until straight posture becomes habitual. This Back Brace will retrain you to keep your shoulders and spine in the healthy, correct position. If this is not corrected, it can cause injury to the spinal cord. 

Easy to put on, off, and carry around making it ideal for use at home or outside. Hold your head high with our Posture and Spine Corrector!